by David Ives
The Spontaneous Theatre Project

Second Cup Cafe & Cafe Nation | Boston, MA | December 14-15, 2007

with Brooke M. Haney and Will Wheeler

In this iteration of Ives' bell-ringing one-act, we imposed the concept of speed dating in a coffee shop. With each bell ring, the actors would change characters until finally, two characters find their match. We performed the play in two different coffee shops, guerilla-style. We didn't set up a stage space; rather, we performed among the patrons to create a more casual and spontaneous theatre-going experience.



"Boy, are you lucky if you live in Allston-Brighton...Chris Carcione knows his way around comedy and the rapid fire mini-scenes gallop to a happy confluence of taste, temperament and mutual attraction. And we get all the laughs."

-The Theatre Mirror