An audience member on her solo walk-through finale. Photo: Jenny Sharp

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Apparitions appear to attack Oliver (Thor Schooner). Photo: Jenny Sharp

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Sabrina (MaryKatherine Kopp) becomes unhinged as the audience watches. Photo: Jenny Sharp

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Conceived by Chris Carcione
Written by Magdalen Zinky
Created and Directed by Chris Carcione, Jessica Hart, Magdalen Zinky, and the ensemble
Sarah Lawrence College Theatre Department

Frances Ann Cannon Theatre | Bronxville, NY | October 30 - November 1, 2014


with Aidan Cleary, Georgia Cohen, Tessa Debole, Derick Edgren, Elizabeth Emery, MaryKatherine Kopp, Catherine Melilo, Miranda Reilly, Thor Schooner


This immersive, interactive theatrical event led participants down dark hallways, through hidden spaces, and into the murky past of eight college students. As secrets are revealed and apparitions seek vengeance, everyone must find their own way to confront the shadows or remain in darkness. The event began in scattered outdoor locations, with small groups of audience members interacting with one cast member. After being led into the main theatre space, audience members were picked off one by one to experience their an individual, unique, and highly interactive conclusion to the narrative.


This theatrical event was created by The Junkyard.