Adapted and Performed by Brooke M. Haney
From the poetry of Cheryl St. Germain

Performed on the Beach | Puerto Princessa, Philippines | September 14, 2012

Sarah Lawrence College | Bronxville, NY | November 23, 2014

Most Wanted Fine Arts/Chatham University | Pittsburgh, PA | January 16, 2015

Kiss Me or Cut Off My Head is a collaboration theatre artist Brooke M. Haney and the non-profit organization Shining Hope for Communities. The piece aims to raise money and build awareness for Margaret’s Safe Place, a project of Shining Hope.


Adapted by Haney from the poetry of Sheryl St. Germain and interviews with survivors of rape, Kiss Me or Cut Off My Head confronts rape culture in America and Kenya through the lens of the Medusa myth. A central theme in the play is Medusa’s desire to address what others are saying of her and tell her own story, challenging assumptions often made about sexual assault.


The play, previously work-shopped in New York, Pittsburgh, and Palawan, Philippines, is aiming for a full production in New York City in 2015 to benefit Margaret’s Safe Place.


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