Created and Performed by Chris Carcione and Vinny Mraz

Object Movement Festival | New York, NY | May 2019

Billions of years ago the universe was a tiny speck. From that speck came everything that exists today. Inspired by the work of Annie Jump Cannon and her fellow “computers” at Harvard in the early 1900s, You Can See Nothing from Here examines our relationship to time, space, and the universe around and within us. Using a mix of digital technology and analog arts and crafts, You Can See Nothing from Here explores our desire to explain the universe’s mysteries, and the universe’s indifference to our quest for understanding.



Created and Performed by The Junkyard

Dixon Place | New York, NY | January 12, 2017


This devised work combines themes and structures from Homer's The Odyssey, text from Sallie Mae's Master Promissory Note, and an ever-worsening student loan debt crisis into an epic theatre piece that confronts capitalism, consumerism, higher education, and our own personal net worths.


Created and Performed by Chris Carcione

Frances Ann Cannon Theatre | Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY | April 26-27, 2015


How can you spot a subversive in a crowd? Step into J. Edgar Hoover’s office as he, with special guest Vivian Vance, briefs you on the most dangerous threat to personal safety: concelaed homosexuals. 


Created and Performed by Chris Carcione, Clara Elser,
and Gabrielle Schutz

Frances Ann Cannon Theatre | Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY | February 2014


Devised using Joyce Carol Oates’ short story “Heat” and a lecture of how to take good forensic photographs this immersive piece cast the audience as crime scene photographers. One by one, they were briefed on the case, and asked to use their smartphones to take pictures of the murder scene when they entered the main playing space. Once all of the photographers arrived at the crime scene, it came to life and played in reverse to reveal the details of the murder.


-8 (2BR02B)
Created by Chris Carcione
Performed by Chris Carcione, Aidan Cleary, CB Goodman, 
and Raquel Loving
Based on "2BRo2B" by Kurt Vonnegut

PAC Lobby | Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY | April 27, 2014


In this  performance-based installation, the audience entered a makeshift medical exam room with a patient seated in a chair hooked up to a memory machine. The audience was encouraged to approach one of three stations, each accompanied by a live performer: one at a receptionist's desk, one with a nurse, and one with a doctor. At each station, audience members peered into a small miniature model of a set. Incorporated into the set was a small video screen that played an animation while the audience member heard a short scene using headphones. By visiting all three stations, each audience member understood the full narrative of the piece: that in a futuristic, dystopian society, the patient was at an assisted suicide clinic and was re-experiencing his life in his final moments.