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by Sam Shepard
Boston University Stage Troupe

The Theater at Agganis Arena | Boston, MA | April 5-7, 2008

with Zach Drummer, Adam Lebowitz-Lockard, Kelsey Lidsky, Don Meeg, Tara Thompson and Will Wheeler


Sam Shepard's heartbreaking Pulitzer Prize winner is a startling look at the familial ties that bind us, and the secrets we bury to help our family tree grow strong. In this production, I wanted the set to play a pivotal role in expressing the play's message about the relationship between secrets and decay, and between reckoning and rebirth. Starkly furnished, the walls were caked with mud and dirt making the living room interior feel like an underground hole. Live rain scored the play with a melancholic rhythm. An enormous staircase with no visible end was the only escape from the buried tomb below, accented in the plays climactic final moments with a warm, heavenly light.